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Elite Agent Registration

Earn a minimum income of N40,000 and as much as N2,000,000 every month when you become an Elite Agent. Sell just 1 Car on your website in a month and you are certain to earn a minimum of N40,000 on the deal. The minimum cost of a car that will be on your website is N800,000 (5% of N800,000 is N40,000)

Get 5 buyers for N2,000,000 cars in a month and you will be paid N500,000. See below our video for more explanation. What if you do not sell any car in a month?...Also See video to know how to make extra cash

Registration Fee: N20,000

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Enter the domain you wish to use below (E.g to use www.samautos.com type only samautos.com in the tetxbox below)

  • Low Prices, No Haggling
  • Largest Car Dealership
  • Most Convenient Buy


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Phone: 09060196754
Email: support@tokunbocars.ng
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