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The word Automotive appears more times than often on and we’ve come to understand that people needs an eye-opener on the term. We talk Automotive because it is our business.

According to Automotive can be defined as any self-contained motor or engine or something that has to do with automobiles.

It went further to say Automotive is something that moves by the means of its own self-power; and having to do with other motor vehicles.

It is essential to get these definitions of the term Automotive; there are certain concepts that has been highlighted in the definitions above; more familiar concepts if we may say.

Words such as Automobile and Motor vehicle. These words mean the same thing as any engine contained object that moves on the road, in other words they all mean CARS.

The Automotive industry is relatively concerned in the business of making, selling, and repairing cars, and it ranks as one of the largest industries in the world and is still growing.

One steady thing we’ve come to realize in this industry is that a Vehicle of 1999 has a corresponding 2017 model, we can see this in the steady trend of Toyota Camry automobiles, it keeps getting bigger and better as the years goes by

The Automotive industry span across the world;

  • The United States was known as the world’s largest automobile producer from the early 1980s to the 20th century when it was taken over by Japan.
  • The industry was further dominated by the Chinese in 2009.
  • Coming down to Africa, Algeria happens to have the largest automotive industry with about 500,000 units of proceeds a year; they are closely followed by the South Africans, Egyptians and Moroccans. Dealing on mainly Renault car brands.

Other pioneering automotive industry can be found in countries like;

  • Asia (India, Indonesia, North Korea, China, Japan)
  • Europe (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France)
  • North America (Canada, Mexico, U.S).
  • South America (Argentina, Brazil, Columbia)

Auto-motives are basically a self-propelled vehicle that does not run on rails. We are still talking cars even when we use terms as “Automotive and Automobiles”.


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