The first thought that comes to mind when the brake light is illuminated on your dashboard is that your brakes are failing, however, It could be something as simple as accidentally leaving the parking brake engaged. It is not advisable to ignore the brake light and continue on your way.

Note that; When pressing down on the brake pedal, a force is created and transferred to the brake with the aid of brake fluid. Brakes need an incredible amount of force to stop your vehicle, so the force is multiplied. Then, by friction and resistance, the brakes transfer motive energy into thermal energy with a hydraulic force. The fluid then moves through the brake lines creating pressure to force the brake pads or shoes to force down on the rotors or drums, stopping the car.

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The reason behind the illumination of the brake light?

The brake light on your dashboard can come on for several reasons, for example, if the parking brake is the reason, it can simply be disengaged, and the brake light should go off automatically. If the light remains on, you should get a professional to look into it. Here are some guidelines that will help you, when your brake light come on:

  1. Observe to make sure the parking brake is not engaged. Using your parking brake when stopping is a good driving habit, and it also protects your transmission, leaving it engaged while driving is counterintuitive. If the parking brake is engaged, even if it appears not to be, it will trigger the brake light to come on.
  2. If you have confirmed your parking brake is disengaged, you’ll need to do some further checks to see what the cause may be. If you are moving, pull over to a safe area.
  3. Check the brake fluid level in the reservoir. The brake master cylinder has a sensor that discerns how much fluid is in the system. If the fluid drops beyond a certain level, the sensor will signal the brake light to illuminate.
  4. Once brake fluid has been added, turn on your vehicle. If the light turns off, you may continue driving to your destination. If the light doesn’t turn off, it’s time to call in the experts.
  5. Arrange for a tow truck to tow your vehicle to an automotive workshop , when you get there an expert will inspect the brake system to determine the cause of the issue. The other possible causes that the technician will look for during the inspection includes:
    • Worn Brake Pads 
    • Leaks in the Hydraulic System 
    • Failed Sensors 
    • Check Rear Brake Lights 
    • Anti-Lock Brake System 

Driving with brake issues could be a risk to your safety and others. If your brake warning light is on and your vehicle has other abnormalities, do not drive your vehicle and ensure it is towed to a brake specialist immediately.

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