HEEEEEEEEEY GUYS!!!, what’s popping??? , trust your weekdays are going Boom!!!, we in the middle of the week, called WEDNESDAY!!!

Do you all know that the “Interior of a car is the mirror reflection of the person who drives the car”!

Alright people, Today I’m going to talk about the Tidiness of your own vehicle, do you even care about the home keeping of your vehicle. You all know how you litter the floors of your vehicle and being reluctant to just trash it out, when done with what you eating.

Below are some tips and tricks to keep yoHur vehicle fresh and clean:

  • Your Car is Not your trash closet! –  I advice us to stop storing things there that should be put away at home.
  • Have a Place for keeping unwanted stuffs or dirt!  – For the things you do need in your car, have a place for them. Keep them out-of-the-way and safely secured. You don’t want them littered everywhere or being a safety hazard. Also, have a trash bin to prevent you from being tempted to discard trash in the backseat or on the floor.
  • Clean It at least once in a while, just to look attractive–[Well I know most of us do not even have time for ourselves or cleaning our homes talk less of cleaning your car daily, Lol!!] Cleaning your car should be as regular as all of your other chores. Add it to your list of weekly cleaning tasks to perform.
  • Avoid smoking in the car:The burned tobacco smell gets absorbed in to the car interior and start spreading obstinate odour. It is very difficult to get rid of this smell. Do not also forget to throw out all the piles of bottles, beverage cans, paper cups and other sundry items from the car after usage. After a long drive there is obviously lot of clutter in your car. Do a thorough interior cleaning after every long journey. Use non-toxic interior or upholstery cleaner. A cleaner with soft deodorant smell would be more ideal as that can neutralize the odd smells.
  • Empty the Trash – Trash, clutter, receipts, and loose papers seem to be the big pitfall for many in keeping their cars clean. One of the best tips I have ever come across is to empty your rubbish when you are filling your car with gas. You are standing their waiting for the gas to fill anyway, and there are always trash cans within an arm’s reach. Use those few opportune moments to empty some trash and clutter. Always get the junk out of the trunk.
  •  Wash the Body of your vehicle – Don’t forget the outside of your vehicle. Having it washed regularly will help keep it well maintained and avoid cosmetic damage to your vehicle over time. Not only will you have less clutter and mess, but you’ll have a more enjoyable ride.Your car may be the place where you spend more time than at office or home. So you would definitely prefer to have a clean and neat car interior.


So guys let’s all endeavor to try keeping our vehicles clean, organized and attractive!!!, HAVE A FUN-FILLED WEEK AHEAD


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