Accidents occur every day, and they always leave problems behind that will cause you to look into car repairs as well as increasing your insurance package. Reckless driving due to many reasons can cause major fatalities putting you and your family in danger and also your insurance policy. Here are common automobile accidents that you can avoid while driving: 

  1. Parked Car Damage

This is a common cause of automobile damage; A car parked damage occurs when a moving vehicle collides or hits a parked vehicle. This happens when a car is not properly parked, it also happens when a car is parked at the wrong space and it could also be due to reckless driving from the part of the moving vehicle. 

  1. Rear-end collision

Rear end collision is a very common reason for auto insurance claims. Rear-end collision occurs when a moving vehicle hits the vehicle directly in front of it.  This happens a lot and it can also be caused by reckless driving. 

  1.  Crashes at Intersections

Intersections are venues where accidents frequently occur. Most distracted drivers can miss traffic signals, and most times drivers don’t take notice of vehicles pausing before making turns.


  1. Windshield Damage 

Chips and cracks to  vehicle windshields is a common auto accident that many drivers don’t realize they can help prevent. Most windshield accidents  happen when rocks and stones are thrown up in the air by other vehicles. This can be caused when drivers move too close to other moving vehicles while driving.

  1. Parked Vehicle Theft

Here in Nigeria, there are too many cases of break-in. Still, some drivers are very reckless and some of them leave valuables in a parked car which is an invitation to thieves. 

  1. Single-vehicle Accidents 

Single-vehicle damages include collisions with road barriers or animals, in addition to rollovers and accidents when driving off-road.

  1. Backing collisions 

Another cause of auto damage is backing collisions usually occur when a car is backing out of a parking spot or a driveway. Some drivers back up into traffic or into a parking spot and end up causing automobile damage, some cars are not equipped with a backup camera which can lead to accidents.

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