An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy.

In biological systems, molecular motions, like myosin in muscles use chemical energy to create forces and eventually motion. – extracted from Wikipedia

In modern times the word engine describes devices such as combustion engines and steam engines; chemically any device that burns or consumes some sort of fuel to perform or function properly is an engine.

While motor basically means to set in motion or to maintain motion, in other words movement. These concepts motor and engine has largely been used interchangeably in various ways.

In recent times there has been series of engine types, which end users may not be familiar with but most time we make statements like , I need a car with strong and reliable engine.

Basically there are;

  • The internal combustion engine –this is a motor that is powered by the expansion of gas created by the combustion of hydrocarbon gases or fuels. They are engines fueled by petrol, diesel, propane or natural gas (plug-in hybrid, hybrid vehicles fueled by hydrogen).

Under these engine types, there are various designs or configurations of engines which progresses as the year goes by into a finer and more feasible engine type. The most outstanding engine design of all time is the

VEE series engine; they range from the V-4 to V-24 these engines comes in the most compact engines configurations usually ranging from 2.0L to 20.5L displacement. Some of these ranges of Vee configurations are not balanced and smooth compared to others.

The incline engines– these engines have their cylinders all lined up in a single row with a 360 degree rotation of piston in the configuration. These engines are light and the forces inside the motor are balanced . the incline engines are easy to fix.

The flat engines– the flat engines bear some similarities with the V shape engine in the sense that ,it has two collections of cylinders . these flat engines are well balanced and possess a low center of gravity for increased handling. Flat engines are very complex engines.

The Rotary engines – these are aircraft style engines but are used in very few cars. This engine has a single crankshaft that floats in the center of pistons. These are simple engines and have less chance of engine failing due to the limited parts used.

But the most amazing of all engines is the electric engine, the first electric vehicle was first invented in the early 1800s and it became the most preferred option for transportation at the time. These electric motor engines took a downward trend because it could only go around 20 miles before requiring a recharge.

In recent time, we have come across other manufacturers that have tried to manufacture more advanced electric vehicle and have made accountable successes. Example is the great Ian Musk and his team of auto-manufacturers, who happen to have made a name with the manufacturing of electric engine powered vehicles named TESLA MOTORS.



  • There are basically 2 types of engines; the internal combustion engines and the electric engines.
  • The vee series engines actually comes in the letter V shape, with the number attached to it ,that is , V♯ signifying the amount of cylinders mounted on the crankshaft, on the 2 banks of the V engine.
  • The engine is the power house of every motor and it should be serviced by a skilled and experienced auto-mechanic.

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