Hey guys, It’s Friday again!!!!… Who isn’t happy for the weekend!!!?

Guess what???Xmas is almost near!!!!, Ok,,,,, Let’s get down to Business!!!

 You can call it leg problems, Front wheel problem, or front wheel pull out Something like that and sometimes, this problem occurs often where they wanna make a u turn. I would love to have made a list of every car I had seen on the road with the wheel pull out. I had no opportunity to take pictures in most occasions so as soon as i saw this one

I had to snap it even while controlling my own wheel/steering ( don’t say anything to FRSC pleazzzzzzze). I have seen the almighty Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot Toyota, Mazda etc even a Man diesel truck. I know someone will say Honda happens too often. WHY???

  1. Because we have more fake (Chinko) replacement parts for honda than any other car Brands I know, what do you expect???
  2. Other owners who did not buy fake parts are either careless or broke. Broke in the sense wey be say “you no get money and you know say you get problem, u kon dey manage until the thing kon happen” LOL!!!make una no mind me. But you guys knows it’s the truth right???

These days dealers even pass off fake parts, “REFURBISHED WORN OUT PARTS” as tokens through dubious means, the problem could be as a result of…….

  • Faulty Ball Joints/ Ball joints: These are pivot points t hat attach the suspension to the wheels, and they absorb some of the shock from up-down movement and rotate as the steering angle changes. You’ll know they need replacement when you can hear them squeaking and creaking, especially when turning. You’ll know you waited too long if a ball joint breaks and suspension parts are dragging on the pavement. A mechanic can tell if they need to be replaced by the amount of wheel movement they can force by hand or…….. in some cases, by wear indicators on the ball joints. This is peculiar with Honda products which results in the front Tyre pulling out (Upper arm issh.) If this happens, the vehicle cannot move. That could be very dangerous on a highway or on a very lonely and dangerous road Mostly caused by negligence and substandard CV joints.


  • Shock absorbers: They really should be called “dampers,” and when they wear out, you should notice more bouncing after a bump and a whole lot of shaking going on over rough roads because they can’t keep the tires planted on the pavement. Shocks contain fluid that dampens the bouncing, and once they start to leak, suspension performance will deteriorate.

I always have one advice for car users  especially for Honda owners, never buy a fake or substandard CV joints: you should try and look at the causes and possible prevention. The idea is for drivers and car users to be more attentive to any strange sounds from their cars. Also to make Honda users enjoy their ride.

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