Over the years, cars have been one of the greatest inventions through the evolution of time, cars have helped humans efficiently, by enabling long distance travels.

However, since the maintenance and primary cost is high, it has always been a method of measuring one’s wealth. When the less wealthy people have the need to purchase a car, they discover that the maintenance required and fuel needs is very costly.  Therefore, many of them go for buying fairly used cars as the cost drops by half of the initial cost.

Another reason people buy fairly used car is because they don’t know how to drive properly, instead they opt for cheaper cars in order to learn how to drive before moving to high-priced cars.

QUESTIONS YOU MUST ASK BEFORE PURCHASING A FAIRLY USED CAR The questions you must ask when purchasing a fairly used car are listed below:
1. Buying Certification
Everyday with the rate of crime increasing day by day, it has become necessary to ask for the legal documents of the car. Robbers steal the car and try to sell it as second hand car. The robbers never have original certification of the car. Certification shows that the car is bought by a specific person. Also, many fake certificates have also been recorded and caught up by the police, so it is very advisable to be careful. Every Certificate has some serial number that can be matched with RTO to prove its originality.


2. Selling certification
This is a certificate given by the government authority to every vehicle which has to be sold. It entails inspection of car through every aspect before sale.  It helps users to know all the true details before buying the car. 
3. Test Drive
 It is essential to always take a test run before purchasing any fairly used car.
4. Price
This is the most vital factor when purchasing a fairly used car, ask the dealer about the price of the car before talking about any other detail and further communication. Proceed only if the price of car is 40-50% less than the price of new car of same model. 

5. Mileage

It is common knowledge that the fuel price is on the high side and the usage of car has become more necessary, it is very important to know the mileage given by the car. Mileage is the amount of distance travelled by the car per liter of fuel given. 
6. Total cost
This cost is all the cost added up together which are dealership fees, title transfer fees, registration fees etc.  Hence, it is best to know about all of these to avoid panicking and asking for financial help at the last moment. It is advisable to have an approximation of these cost before purchasing the fairly used car.
7. Insurance
 Some sellers may help to pay for insurance of vehicles which removes burden of load from customers head.

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