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How fatigue affects driving- Fatigue is a crucial factor that contributes to severe road accidents, studies have proven that close to 25% of deadly road accidents are caused due to driver’s fatigue.  Back in the year 2013, drowsy…

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Vintage Cars

Hy Guys Happy New Month, I pray for us that, as we step into this month of February may the protection of Almighty God be with us. I think say una know say this month na the month…

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Hello guys, Today we will be sharing you some tips on how to use your vehicle headlights correctly Tips for Using Your Headlights Here are a few additional car headlight tips to help you stay safe and avoid…

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Compliments of the Season!!!

PROMO! PROMO! PROMO !!!! It’s XMAS PROMO!!!, GUYS Get 5% discount on any car you purchase!!!                              

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Hey guys, It’s Friday again!!!!… Who isn’t happy for the weekend!!!? Guess what???Xmas is almost near!!!!, Ok,,,,, Let’s get down to Business!!!  You can call it leg problems, Front wheel problem, or front wheel pull out Something like…

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HELLO GUYS!!!, iT’S mONDAY AGAIN, WONder  hOW MANY OF us DOSEnt like the day “MONDAY” LOL!!!, BUT WE HAVE NO CHOICE, “oYA JI mASUN” This is to inform you that our mobile app has been updated. Updated version…

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Top 10 best selling cars in the world

Hello guys, Check out the top 10 best-selling cars of the year. This rating is an excerpt from “USA TODAY” as USA is ranked second in the list of countries that buy most cars. On our Top-10 here…

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HAPPY INDEPENDENCE FROM ALL OF US AT TOKUNBOCARS   NAIJA @58 Hurray!!! It is another complete revolution of our country ability to exercise self government and sovereignty on our productive territory. We wish you a Happy celebration. As a…

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Hello Blogfam,thanks for your comments and contributions on previous posts,you make writing fun. I’ll be writing on the part 2 of one of our previous Articles Titled “AUTOMOTIVE” – the previous post had the meaning and introduced us…

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Vehicle Tracking System Is Important

Hello Blogfam,thanks for all the comments and contributions from previous posts. You’re the best. Over the years we’ve had series of reports concerning vehicle theft,on a closer check it has been on the downward trend since the invention…

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