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Top 10 best selling cars in the world

Hello guys, Check out the top 10 best-selling cars of the year. This rating is an excerpt from “USA TODAY” as USA is ranked second in the list of countries that buy most cars.

On our Top-10 here we have

  • 10th place       


This year Chevrolet is highlighting its Malibu as the premier midsize family sedan. In its’ 30 plus years of history, the Malibu has been a consistent winner for its safety features and has taken home Car of Year Award on multiple occasions.

This vehicle is a popular mid-size family car, that’s fun to drive, it has modern safety features like front and rear parking assistance and Blind Zone Alert. Since 1964, America has been watching the Chevy Malibu grow and we have been growing with it. It also has  a sleek styling, a spacious and well-trimmed interior, and great fuel-economy numbers

  • 9th place


Today’s version, all-new for 2017, is a smooth-riding, solid-feeling sedan that’s surprisingly roomy inside. And like most Hyundai, it offers a lot of features for the money. It’s a big seller, but not as big as last year. Through October, sales are down 8.8% from the same period in 2016.    


  • 8th place


When it was launched in 2011, the first-generation Chevy Cruse was hailed as the great small car that GM should have been building all along, a huge improvement over the Cobalt and Cavaliers of decades past. The Cruse was redesigned for 2016, and the latest version builds on the first Cruse’s virtues, with an upgraded interior and a lighter-weight structure that improves both handling and fuel economy.

  • 7th place


Yes, the Ford Fusion is a good car. It delivers a smooth ride and capable handling, and while the base engine feels a little under powered, there are three more-powerful options. The Fusion’s interior looks good, and the higher trims are particularly upscale. The seats are roomy and comfortable, the trunk is big, and there’s plenty of technology. The Fusion isn’t perfect, but it’s a solid entry in the mid-size car class. Ford gave the Fusion a nice update for 2017. It remains a strong entry, but it’s no longer the flavor of the month: Sales are down 22.6% this year through October.

  • 6th place


If you own a Nissan Sentra, you should know a few things about this affordable and reliable sedan. It is one of the most popular models thanks to its low starting price and the range of available and standard features. Whether you just bought a Sentra or are looking to purchase one, make sure you know these important things about the 2016 model.

Nissan’s compact Sentra is a solid but remarkable entry. The interior is nicely finished, but somewhat congested/tight. When you drive your Nissan Sentra, you will be saving a great deal of money thanks to this sedan’s excellent fuel economy. Aggressive pricing has kept the Sentra’s sales strong relative to some rivals. They’re up 0.2% this year through October.

  • 5th place


Like its compact counterpart, the Altima isn’t a reviewer favorite: It’s kind of humdrum. It gets good marks for fuel economy and a roomy interior, but it’s just OK relative to its key competitors. Discounts kept sales strong for a while, but this year has been a tough one for the Altima: Sales are down 17.1% this year through October.

  • 4th place


When you want a safe, affordable car that you can rely on for years, you should consider the Honda Accord.  This make and model has been around for decades and has become one of the most popular vehicles to own. Honda‘s stalwart midsize sedan has been a huge seller for decades. Honda’s formula for success is similar to Toyota’s, but with a twist: A little bit of sportiness courtesy of Honda’s decades of racing success. We love the recently redesigned Honda Accord. Its responsive chassis, strong acceleration, and plush interior put it a class above key competitor. Unfortunately, competence doesn’t always translate to strong sales, especially when customers are clamoring for the CR-V

The Accord’s sales have been good this year, but not quite as good as last year: They’re down 2.3% through October. Honda is hoping the new model will give it a boost.

  • 3rd place


The Corolla has been around for more than 50 years, and over time, it has gained the reputation of a staid sedan. But the nameplate still has a firm grip on the sedan category. Toyota sold 149,805 copies of the Corolla sedan and 11,657 copies of the Corolla iM hatch. The automaker is now replacing the iM with a spicy new Corolla hatch that promises to reinvigorate the lineup. 

  • 2nd Place


  The Camry once again reigned supreme as America’s best-selling sedan. Now in its eighth generation, it has updated four- and six-cylinder powertrains and sits on Toyota’s new TNGA platform that improves ride quality. Sales have remained relatively constant during the first half of 2018 compared to the same time period a year ago, increasing only 1.1 percent. Fun fact: Toyota sold more than three times as many Camrys as Priuses during the first six months of this year.

     And my people, the top 1 of these cars,,,,,, though you guys shouldn’t be surprised, like they say “life is full of surprises”. Don’t mind me jare! LOL!. Ok, back to business!,        

  • 1st place


Hmm!, guess we all surprised? Anyways we all have our own ratings and opinions , not bad. But this car ehn!

What will  happen,  if you take a compact car that Americans have loved for decades, make it a little roomier, boost the power, and then add edgy styling that looks straight out of a futuristic movie? The latest Civic is everything that Civics have always been (affordable, dependable, and fun), but the “fun” knob got cranked way up this time around. The result? A big hit for Honda.

The Civic posted big sales results last year, and its sales have been slightly stronger in 2017: They’re up 1.5% through October.

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