TGIF!!!!, HIOPE WE ALL ENJOYED OUR WEEKDAYS, FOR ME THE WEEK HAS JUST BEEN THE BEST, BETTER THAN LAST WEEK, SERIOUSLY!!! OK, today we gonna be talking ABOUT Vehicle’s transmission problems, we’ll look at some transmitting problems in our vehicle. A driver should be able to detect some of these vehicle’s transmitting problem listed below, #pleasetakenote#. Car transmission is very important. Any sort of problems with transmission can make your car unable to drive. The typical duty of the transmission in your car is directing power from the engine to the driveshaft which effectively rolls the wheels. The list below discusses some of the most common car transmission problems.


Fluid leaks can be a sign of transmission damage, and usually correspond with issues like transmission slippage and poor overall transmission performance. Check under your car to see if there is any buildup of fluid underneath it. If the fluid you see is bright red, clear, and somewhat sweet-smelling, that’s transmission fluid – and you’ve sprung a leak.


Fluid leaks or low fluid levels commonly results in slow shifting or gear slippage. Immediately change the fluid or completely flush and refill the transmission whenever you notice fluid contamination. Maybe the most common car transmission problem is transmission fluid leaks or low fluid levels. Such a problem may occur when there are leaks in the transmission system. In case the driveshaft or transmission is defective, there can be leaks. You can fix the problem by replacing the transmission gasket seals. In some other cases, coolants are often found to be contaminating transmission fluid, also. The common term for such a defect is cross-contamination.

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Have you ever sometimes noticed that your car hesitates or delays when you attempt to shift it into gear? Maybe you’re leaving a parking lot, and it takes a few seconds for the transmission to switch from “reverse” to “drive”. You may be pressing the gas, but the transmission is not engaged, so power isn’t going to the wheels for several seconds. However, might be complicated, It could be simple like low transmission fluid or may be something more serious.

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For that reason, if your car is kind of having failure to respond, take it to a service professional to avoid spending any more bills from your pocket!


When your car shifts into another gear, it should be relatively smooth and easy – there should be no “clunking” or “thudding”(i.e knocking noises, distracting sounds) noises when your transmission shifts. If you do start to hear these noises when shifting gears, they are certainly a cause for concern. Low transmission fluid and worn-out gears can be the culprit – and computerized sensors and solenoids can cause clunking if they send the wrong information to your car’s gearbox.

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Sometimes it’s so impossible to determine the cause of rough shifting until you take your car  to a professional to get it repaired, so get your vehicle serviced as soon as you notice these sounds


Another symptom in the list of car transmission problems is burning smell. The smell of something is bad warning sign that you don’t want it coming to your car. There are many factors can cause the burning smell but the main factor is often the overheating of the transmission fluid. If you have to face this bad situation, you should calm down then give your car a professional check as soon as possible.

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Fixing this problems as soon as possible not only save you trouble, time and money, but also save you and others from accidents on the road.



Transmission slipping is quite common, and can be caused by a variety of transmission issues such as low fluid levels, fluid leaks, worn out gears, or solenoid problems.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to identify transmission slipping, especially in an automatic car. Your engine will suddenly change in pitch – it may go from a low rumble to a high-pitched whine, and your RPMs will increase dramatically, even though you’re going the same speed. This happens if your transmission slips and downshifts at a high speed.
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Conversely, you may find that your car is performing sluggishly and feels underpowered – this can happen when the transmission upshifts at a low speed. You’ll notice poor acceleration, and engine noise that’s more lower-pitched than usual.

    you can observe this symptom present itself differently in automatic and manual transmission. If your car is a manual transmission vehicle, when changing gears, you feel or hear a grinding sense, this may mean that the clutch of your car has just been worn out and it’s time for you to replace it. However, it also means that one of the transmission synchronizers of your car is damaged and worn out. If you are owing an automatic transmission car, a rough shift instead of an unnoticeable on could be resulted by a few things. With the case of automatic transmissions, you should take your car into an auto workshop to diagnose.

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And lastly, It is not recommended to drive a car with a slipping transmission because the car will be unpredictable. The car can go into different gears without sake, warning and cause damage. If you see any sign of slipping transmission in your car, just go to a auto repair shop to fix it as soon as possible.

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