In this article- ways to avoid car accidents will be discussed in full details; Whenever accidents occur, they leave people in a dilemma; with loss, injury and more cost for car repairs. Most times, car accidents occur due to reckless driving and safe driving is a very good way to avoid accidents.



  1. Parked Car Damage

This will help you prevent getting hit by a car, here are the tips to help you avoid parked car collision:

  • Do not park in the busiest part of a parking space- select a space away from heavy traffic.
  • Always enlarge the space, ensure you park in the centre of a particular space. This will also help to prevent dings from swinging doors.
  • Endeavour to park in a garage in order to keep your car safe when you’re not driving.
  • Even if there is an emergency,  try not to park near busy intersections, tight turns or driveways. 
  1. Rear-end collisions

Consider the below tips:

  • It is advisable to always keep your distance away from other cars while driving- stay three seconds away from the Vehicle behind you and the vehicle ahead of you, maximise the timing when the weather condition is bad.
  • Try as much as possible to prevent situations that would force you to suddenly use your brakes.You might be a victim of rear-end collision, if a driver is following you too closely or isn’t paying attention.
  • Avoid distractions- Always keep your eyes on the road, avoid eating while driving or using your phone. 
  • Avoid driving while dealing with fatigue; fatigue is a crucial factor that contributes to severe road accidents according to studies.
  1. Crashes at Intersection

This can be caused due to distractions, consider the following tips: 

  • Always pay attention to traffic signals notification. 
  • Apply defensive driving to help avoid accidents. 
  • Ensure that no one is coming through the intersection after the light turns green 
  • Be cautious always whenever you approach a yellow light
  1. Windshield Damage

Ensure you prevent this damage by keeping your distance from cars and trucks and     avoid driving through granular substances

  1. Parked Vehicle Theft

Parked Vehicle Theft Regardless of where you park your car, there is always a chance of a break-in. Consider the following tips;     

  •  Do not leave valuables in your parked car
  • Always lock expensive things in the trunk or your glove compartment if necessary.
  • Do not park your car in a dark location
  1. Single-vehicle Accidents

     The tips to prevent single-vehicle accidents are listed below:

  • Make sure you drive according to the weather. Even when your car is the only vehicle on the road on a rainy day, drive at speeds that will allow you to maintain control. 
  • Be focused when you are  driving.
  • Never go over the speed limit. 
  1. Backing collisions
  • Ensure you park in a way where you won’t have to back up into traffic, such as pulling through or backing into a parking spot.
  • Having a car that is well equipped with a backup camera will help a lot. 
  • Before getting into your vehicle, observe your surrounding and traffic patterns 
  • Back out using a very short and most direct route possible.
  • Reverse in a straight line, turning only when clear of parked vehicles or any other obstructions.
  • Back out steadily while continuing to check traffic around you.
  • Utilize your mirrors and brakes until you’re completely out of the spot 
  • Avoid distractions while backing out.

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